Wellness Programs

Learn more about our four general wellness programs.

On-Site Care

On-Site Care includes the following treatment and wellness methods:

  •  Evidence-Based Chiropractic Care
  •  Torque Release Technique™
  •  Stretching & Strengthening Advice and Handouts
  •  Corporate Workshops & Talks
  •  Injury Risk Assessments
  •  Health Fairs & Screenings

Goals of On-Site Care

  • Provide Employees with on-site solutions to their pain and injuries.
  • Increase Employee morale
  • Happier employees
  • Reduction of job accidents
    • Reduce chronic pain symptoms
    • Improve overall health
    • Decrease Healthcare and Worker’s Compensation Costs
    • Reduced absenteeism

    Common Conditions Treated

    • Neck Pain
    • Shoulder Pain / Injuries
    • Sports Injuries
    • Sciatica
      • Auto Accidents
      • Knee Pain
      • Low Back Pain
      • Headaches
      • Carpal Tunnel
      • Plantar Fascitis
      • Elbow / Wrist Pain
      • And Much More

      Health Screenings

      An integral aspect of The Corporate Chiropractor is Health Fairs and Wellness Initiatives. We provide key health and wellness screenings such as postural screenings, functional movement screens, spinal screenings, Health & Wellness Q & A and much more.

      Corporate Workshops / Talks

      Continued education of the employee regarding their health and wellness is vital in the management and prevention of acute/chronic pain and injuries. These lunch- based short presentations, hands-on workshops, and stretching/strengthening breaks are a key component in the success in any corporate wellness programs.

      Please contact us for a list of topics and workshops, or to schedule an event.

      Injury Risk Assessment

      Our Injury Risk Assessments combine Ergonomic Assessments of the workstation or work place as well as a Musculoskeletal Physical Screening to quantify the risk of pain or injury to the employee. Repetitive strain due to improper workstation set up is a common problem in all work places. Combined with musculoskeletal dysfunctions, this may lead to an increase in chronic pain syndromes or over-use injuries.

      With the employee’s work environment and physical findings in hand, we develop a preventative strategy of stretching, ergonomic recommendations, and corrective exercises to reduce the over-use strain placed on the employee.

      Our On-Site Care Program includes free Injury Risk Assessments of all employees. These assessments are also available at cost to companies that we do not provide On-Site Care.

      Tobacco Cessation

        Stop nicotine cravings using a proven, effective, and painless tool to enable one to quit nicotine by minimizing cravings and calming the nervous system. It is a safe and pain-free treatment to the outside of the ears (auricles) at specific trigger points. 

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